Welcome to SuggestALawyer.com

November 7th, 2008

SuggestAVet.com is free portal in which YOU can share YOUR experiences with your lawyer and suggest Legal Attorneys and Law Firms to other visitors. We will be hosting client reviews and recommendations about the best lawyers in the country. This is a beta test blog which is on air until actual site is up.

SuggestALawyer.com is a project of SuggestADoctor.com Team and has the same mission and goals.

If you are happy with the services of any Lawyers, you can will be able to suggest the lawyer to our other visitors. Recommending your lawyer in our listing will be a wonderful ‘Thank You’ gesture for your Legal Counselor and is also helpful to our site visitors who share similar problems  and seek a lawyer. Your recommendation will help other visitors to receive the best legal service for their cases from the correct Lawyer.

Our mission is twofold: to honor best Lawyers in USA who are making a positive impact on our legal system and to help our visitors find lawyers for their legal concerns.

We are NOT affiliated with any lawyers or related companies or firms. We are an impartial, free and very easy to use Reviews & Recommendation Portal